An Evening at the Frye

Last Wednesday night I attended The Stranger’s Night of Genius for Literature. One out of a five-week series recognizing Seattle’s best of the best in film, music, the visual arts, performance, and literature, the event could go one of two ways. Maybe people would shake hands and introduce themselves to their neighbors, like  passengers onContinue reading “An Evening at the Frye”

Misogyny Is Alive and Well

So I’m at the bus stop this morning writing on my laptop, when a guy walks up to me. He shouts at me over my headphones. He juts his face over my screen. After two minutes of typing through innuendo blended with outrage, I pull out an ear bud. Me: “Sorry, but I really needContinue reading “Misogyny Is Alive and Well”

Further Thoughts on Privilege

Privilege is just a matter of everything you don’t have to think about–but that other people do. Today I bought a wheelie bag for my laptop and books. With spinal arthritis, I simply can no longer support the weight of a backpack or messenger bag. But now I have to think about sidewalks. Curbs. BusContinue reading “Further Thoughts on Privilege”

A Lot to Learn

Becoming aware of privilege is never comfortable. But it’s always necessary. I’m in San Francisco for the weekend, the “awkward straight” girl at a gaming convention for “queer geek culture.” And I’m loving every minute of it. My awareness of the world is heteronormative. And, as a straight person, I get to take that forContinue reading “A Lot to Learn”