I’m Still Not Here

At 14, I read the entire Bible, front to back. When I attended sleepovers, other kids brought plastic clamshells of eye shadow or bottles of nail polish, clattering in their backpacks like marbles. I brought my leather-bound Bible. I was always the last to fall asleep. As my friends dropped off into unconsciousness and heavyContinue reading “I’m Still Not Here”

Deconstruction: A Literary Theory

Well, look, it’s Christmas Eve, and I haven’t got a lot for you today. So how about a short recap of deconstruction? Pour yourself a mug of eggnog, drop in an ounce of Maker’s Mark, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bartender recommended from yours truly (it was another life). If you like mind games (the goodContinue reading “Deconstruction: A Literary Theory”

Lost in the Woods

So I’m at that point in the novel writing process that scares the¬†chewing gum¬†out of me. *hack, spit, cough* I’ve got the plot refined, the beats nailed down, the scene list listed. Life should be great. Right? And it is. Don’t get me wrong. Having the freedom and the time to write daily is aContinue reading “Lost in the Woods”