Recap of 2013 in Poetry

behind drawn curtains

it’s so much easier

to simply say you are confused.

As a matter of belief.

Southwest SunshineA white girl from the suburbs.


aware of privilege

on Saturday night.Converse Sneakers

Your grandmother’s age-freckled

hands around her favorite


Dog tags clickedGrandma's Tea Set

against his chest

our capacity to endure grief—

what really counts

in a person:Pier 69, Seattle Waterfront

the act of

making clay, of

piling it onto the wheel

What if

Short Story Revisionsthe value of suffering


that it gifts us with

compassion?A Stranger on the Banks of Green Lake

But who hasn’t been

a bitch

when times are


South Seattle WarehouseIt’s because of you, vodka.

Whoa there, Bessy.

I don’t

owe you five cents.

Pioneer Square StationBullshit.

We’ve got to

stop this, folks.

(animal cookies encouraged)

Northgate Cherry BlossomsDiscomfort tells me something important

about the boundary between

who I think I am and what

I want to be.

Seattle Japanese GardenI will die inside this skull.

Beyond tragedy,

the joy and beauty of it is that we get

to be here it all.

Lake ChelanAfter all,

this is game time, Cupcake.


[Lines and photos taken from posts on this blog January to December 2013. Line breaks mine.]

Published by M.C. Easton

Novelist and teacher.

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