Reblog Friday: The U.N. Calls out the Vatican Whether you’re a devout Catholic or an agnostic humanist, it can only be good news when the United Nations calls the Vatican to task for shielding known sex offenders and, in some cases, obstructing justice. Child welfare trumps any organization’s instinct to protect its own. And religious freedom does not grant freedom to abuseContinue reading “Reblog Friday: The U.N. Calls out the Vatican”

Politics as National Temperament

So apparently there was a truce today (December 3) between Thai protesters and the police. When protests go down in Bangkok, there is always an eventual—if temporary—truce. Since the post-World War II era, Thai politics have been inflammatory and unstable, with regular cycles of military coups and popular revolutions. There’s nothing endemic to Thailand aboutContinue reading “Politics as National Temperament”