Misunderstanding Feminism

We need some nuance here. We need to talk about the distinction between systemic, socialized misogyny and individuals who simply annoy us. That white man in his sixties who constantly talks at me—is he assuming that he’s entitled to my attention because I look female? Or is he a socially anxious extrovert who can’t shutContinue reading “Misunderstanding Feminism”

Pimpology: Women at Market Price

That’s right, gentlemen. Step right up. In 48 lessons, you too can learn how to collect, manage, and sell your very own stable of prostitutes. You too can pimp your way to fame and fortune. Learn the game from this industry-recognized pimp. The American dream can be yours! I wish I were joking. But thisContinue reading “Pimpology: Women at Market Price”

Reblog Friday: The U.N. Calls out the Vatican

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/17/world/europe/un-sex-abuse-panel-questions-vatican-officials.html?ref=unitednations&_r=0 Whether you’re a devout Catholic or an agnostic humanist, it can only be good news when the United Nations calls the Vatican to task for shielding known sex offenders and, in some cases, obstructing justice. Child welfare trumps any organization’s instinct to protect its own. And religious freedom does not grant freedom to abuseContinue reading “Reblog Friday: The U.N. Calls out the Vatican”

Friday Reblog: Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk I’ll be ending each week with a shout-out to someone who’s got something inspiring up on the web. And this week, I want to raise a glass to Bryan Stevenson and his TED Talk, “We Need to Talk about an Injustice.” His primary focus is on the racial inequities within the U.S. prison system–and the dramaticContinue reading “Friday Reblog: Bryan Stevenson”