A Year of What Matters Most


In 2014, I launched my new year on this blog with a set of goals that proved to be mighty powerful.

I wanted to try something that scared me. So I took swimming lessons and joined Toastmasters to hone my public speaking.


I wanted to tackle major life goals. I’m now in grad school and on track to become an ESL professor in Fall 2016.


I wanted to do that thing I secretly live for and commit to it full-on. So I completed a novel after eight years and began my next.


I wanted to be brave and try for that crush I didn’t think I had a chance with. And I did, and now I’m engaged to the love of my life.


So when she’s achieved everything she set her heart on last year, what’s a girl to do?

Be honest with herself–that’s what.

I accomplished some pretty amazing feats in 2014. But I also pushed a little too hard and paid a hefty price for it. I ended my fabulous year out of commission for two and a half months with vertigo, migraines, and exhaustion.
Worth it?


The fact is some years are for dynamic growth, and some years are for sustaining that growth. Truth is, grad school, drafting a novel, and planning a wedding with my dream guy are probably it for this year. And that’s plenty.

Does that mean I disengage and step back? Absolutely not. What it means is that my big year of daring taught me how to invest 100% in my goals.

It also taught me about limitations. I can’t sink 100% into everything I undertake.

I recently learned from my migraine and vertigo specialist, Chris Morrow, that when we feel unsure of ourselves, we settle into a protective stance–pulling back onto our heels. The better stance–the engaged stance–is to bring that weight forward onto the balls of our feet. With that small adjustment, we’re more agile. Ready for anything.

Last year was about planting the most promising seeds. And now that I’ve found the career, the projects, and the relationship in which I want to invest, it’s time for the engaged stance. Stillness, plus involvement. This is the year of cultivating those seeds. Full-tilt. Head-on.

Some years are for doing everything you dream of. Others are about doing what matters most–and giving it your all. And for me, 2015 is about what matters most.

Published by M.C. Easton

Novelist and teacher.

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