Just Do What You Can


My first day back at grad school this quarter, and I’m feeling so much calmer. Even–dare I say–at peace.

So what gives?

I used to press myself into a corner and demand that I read 50 pages a day–even if it’s not assigned. Make all my deadlines and make them early. And ace them. In fact, start that final paper today. Yesterday, even.

And shame on you, if you don’t. Fail. You’ve disappointed yourself for the entire quarter.

But I’ve had enough of that shit. So now I’m just rolling with it. Reading, sure. Doing my homework. But sticking to a schedule that includes going to the gym. Eating lunch with friends. Life goes on. I need to stop thinking Perfect is achievable if I just smash my skull against that wall one more time.

Life goes on. With or without you. So just do what you can. And then get on with it.

Published by M.C. Easton

Novelist and teacher.

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