Home Has Magnetic Pull

When I was living on my own, it didn’t matter what time I got home. Or whether I came home at all. I took bus rides just for the fun of it and hopped off when I felt like it, boots slapping against the pavement of some new street in an unfamiliar city. I wandered.Continue reading “Home Has Magnetic Pull”

The Unanswerable Question

Toni Morrison once said that she often begins her novels with a question. Something difficult to answer. Maybe even impossible. And in a society that values the final product above process, ends before means, facts over wisdom–this seems revolutionary to me. During my college years, I had a mentor who believed we all had “seminalContinue reading “The Unanswerable Question”

Fear of the Unknown

I’m not sure I understand writer’s block. A student came to me asking how she could overcome her anxiety about writing. She said she was afraid that she would write her essay, and it wouldn’t be perfect. “Okay,” I said. “So it’s not perfect. Look–I find it helpful to imagine the very worst thing thatContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”