Top had booked his first visit home in three years, and I went with him. I had learned so much living above the Thai restaurant. And yet I had learned nothing at all. Thailand, I thought. Asia.  More than 9,000 miles away.  I expected freedom. I expected healing. For my relationship with Top. For myself.Continue reading “Thailand”

Home Has Magnetic Pull

When I was living on my own, it didn’t matter what time I got home. Or whether I came home at all. I took bus rides just for the fun of it and hopped off when I felt like it, boots slapping against the pavement of some new street in an unfamiliar city. I wandered.Continue reading “Home Has Magnetic Pull”

All Forward From Here

So a few weeks ago I went on a road trip with my Big Friendly Gay (BFG) buddy. Yup, 3,000 miles down to Tucson, Arizona and back. We’re both very organized and exacting, both insufferable know-it-all types. I’m the kind of person who rises at precisely 6am, fixes my coffee at 6:15, starts writing atContinue reading “All Forward From Here”