10 Ways to Be a Kickass Feminist, Part 2

Two roads diverged in a wood: To kick ass, or not to kick ass? My friends and I aspire to the former, so here’s the final five of my top ten ways to be a badass feminist: Stop reading those dating advice sites. First of all, it will make you paranoid. Just take a lookContinue reading “10 Ways to Be a Kickass Feminist, Part 2”

The Dangers of Negative Self-Talk

I like to think I’m a basically positive person. I can be annoyingly so when friends and loved ones bring problems and frustrations to me. “So what would help with that?” I’ll ask. I like to focus on actions–either physical or cognitive–that have a chance of improving the situation. So I was astonished this morningContinue reading “The Dangers of Negative Self-Talk”