Is It Wisdom, or Is It Perspective?

“They just don’t get it.” Two of my co-workers were commiserating about their teenagers again. “Right,” the other one replied. “They just don’t get how it makes other people feel. And they’re so hurtful. I tell them it’s just not nice to talk that way to grown-ups.” I decided to put my foot in it.Continue reading “Is It Wisdom, or Is It Perspective?”

My First Date at 32

When people ask why I’ve never dated, I give the most obvious reasons. Glasses. An unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare. Shyness. Yellowed teeth. All ribs and knees, without much figure to speak of. And when I’m not writing, I’m reading. Basically, I’m boring and bookish. And guys don’t ask me out because dating, in American culture,Continue reading “My First Date at 32”