Misunderstanding Feminism

We need some nuance here. We need to talk about the distinction between systemic, socialized misogyny and individuals who simply annoy us. That white man in his sixties who constantly talks at me—is he assuming that he’s entitled to my attention because I look female? Or is he a socially anxious extrovert who can’t shutContinue reading “Misunderstanding Feminism”

Is Your Cat a Sociopath? 6 Telltale Signs

Your precious fuzzball is a little Hannibal Lecter just waiting to happen. You know this. But you don’t care because kitties are cute. And humans are dumb. I mean, let’s compare the psychopath checklist to our favorite kitty-cats. How about we start with the features everybody knows? 1. Superficial Charm Duh. That’s why we loveContinue reading “Is Your Cat a Sociopath? 6 Telltale Signs”