Why I’m Loving the Enneagram

Personality psychology, several of my college professors asserted, is the least scientific branch of psychology. And I get it. There are about as many models for personality as there are models of cars. It’s also a field where, like the study of intelligence, it can be hard to come up with reliable evidence. Results tendContinue reading “Why I’m Loving the Enneagram”

Is Your Cat a Sociopath? 6 Telltale Signs

Your precious fuzzball is a little Hannibal Lecter just waiting to happen. You know this. But you don’t care because kitties are cute. And humans are dumb. I mean, let’s compare the psychopath checklist to our favorite kitty-cats. How about we start with the features everybody knows? 1. Superficial Charm Duh. That’s why we loveContinue reading “Is Your Cat a Sociopath? 6 Telltale Signs”

Just Walk Away

And keep on walking. In the end, it’s easy to say sociopaths don’t really matter. The rest of us go on with our lives. We fall in love and marry and have children. We see our friends through the deaths of loved ones. We plant gardens. Life goes on. It’s comfortable to say that. ButContinue reading “Just Walk Away”

The Look of the Female Sociopath

Forget the Look of Love. This is game time, Cupcake. And the first thing any sociopath will do is size you up. Do you pose, in any way, a threat to their own superiority? Are you not giving them the obeisance that is their due? Or are you just irksomely, annoyingly happy all the timeContinue reading “The Look of the Female Sociopath”

Encounters with the Conscienceless: Learning from Sociopaths

Sure, sociopaths are unpleasant, even evil, people. They don’t abide by a moral code because they lack empathy. They only understand the emotional damage they inflict in an anthropological sort of way–through observation–because they lack emotions themselves. And their manipulations are primarily motivated by a desire for power and superiority. Psychologists recommend steering clear ofContinue reading “Encounters with the Conscienceless: Learning from Sociopaths”